This weekend I took some much needed time away from business to be with my friends, my husband and our dogs. I've been working crazy hours between my 9-5 job and running Flora and Forest so I needed to take a moment before I completely lost my mind. Especially since things aren't going to be slowing down anytime soon.


Saturday we went to the Pumpkin Patch at McMillan Farms in East Kelowna to take some photos, walk the corn maze, pick some pumpkins (for our friends) and just enjoy the beautiful sunshine! 

Steve.. taking selfies while I'm taking photos of our friends.

Of course, the dogs find OTHER dogs more interesting. But yes, we are 'those' people that take photos of their fur children at the pumpkin patch.

My friend Melissa and I. You have probably seen her helping out at my booth at some of the bigger markets. She also helps hugely with packaging when I'm feeling overwhelmed.


And of course we followed the evening up with a Friendsgiving dinner with our friends, Melissa & Kody and their son, James & Britney, Theresa & Joey and their girls. It was a lovely evening that resulted in full tummies and an early bedtime. Which was perfect since I had a market on Sunday.


Also, when did our baby girl get so big?!


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