Bouquet Preservation Pricing List

Pricing below is for custom orders, using flowers you've supplied (either fresh, previously dried or faux/silk flowers) and it includes processing once they're in my hands along with up to 2 layout revisions for your pieces. Please note that items such as wine stoppers, jewellery, coasters and bookmarks do not receive layout designs as these will only be available dependent on the flowers that are being used and design options are more limited.


Bookings do require a $150 non-refundable deposit. This deposit does go towards your order total. A custom order requires a $350 minimum in order to book. 

Should you like 2 additional layout revisions, you can do so for an additional fee of $50 prior to receiving the revision. This is not applied towards your item total, but a fee for my time to create these layouts for you. 

If you are looking for something custom made and would like for me to source the flowers for you, please contact me directly using this page. Please note that your pricing will increase to reflect the cost of the flowers I'm sourcing for you.

Pricing does not include PST and GST.


Square Blocks

6" x 6" 3" depth $350
10" x 10" 3" depth


12” x 12” 3” depth


Hexagon Blocks

6" height 3" depth $350
7" height 3" depth $425
9" height 3" depth $500
11" height 3" depth $675

Miscellaneous Shaped Blocks

Arch 7"H x 4.25"W 3" depth $425
Arch 10.5"H 6.5"W 3" depth $575
Circle 9" 3" depth $500
Heart 10" 3" depth $600
Bookend Set 7"H x 5"W 3" depth $625
10” x 7” Rectangle 3” depth $625



Add On Items

These items are only available as add-ons to a custom order and do not count towards your minimum order total. No design layout will be provided for these items due to the small nature of the pieces. You'll maybe get one flower (or pieces of a flower) in each item.

L Diamond Block 6.5”H x 5.4”W x 2.4"D $300
M Diamond Block 4.75"H x 4.25"W x 2.5"D $250
Coasters (Set of 4 - Hexagon or Circle) $195
4x6x2 Rectangle Block $175
4x4x2 Square Block  $150
Geometric Pointed Ring Holder $75
XL Round Tealight Holder $75
Faceted Wine Stopper (Stainless Steel plug) $55
Sphere Wine Stopper (Stainless Steel plug) $55
Round Stone Paperweight $45
Large Pendant Necklace (1 inch - silver or gold) $45
Medium Pendant Necklace (1/2 inch - silver or gold) $40
Small Pendant Necklace (1/4 inch - silver or gold) $35