Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions you can find below. If you still have a question about your bouquet preservation piece and don't see the answer here, feel free to go to this page here to contact us with your question.

Common Questions

I currently have an 14-18 week turnaround window, though this may change depending on how many bookings I have. This window also only starts once I’ve received your flowers in my hands. Drying your flowers alone can take 3-4 weeks.


Don’t forget to keep an eye on your email inbox or text messages (depending on what method of contact you choose), because the sooner I get your design approval confirmation, the sooner I can get started on casting your piece! The longer you take to get back to me, obviously the longer the delay is for getting started.


Please be mindful of this timeline. I know you're probably excited to see where we're at in the process, but if I had every booking email me for updates on where we're at, that is time I am pulled away from the casting process which slows me down. If you want updates - make sure you add your username on Instagram in the order form as I'll gladly tag you whenever I'm working on yoru piece and sharing a sneak peek.

There is a minimum of $350 required for a custom floral preservation piece. This is simply due to the time and supplies required to process your flowers and get them prepped for a piece. Unfortunately I cannot commit to doing smaller custom orders at this time.

Yes! I do book only a certain amount of orders per week, meaning, once a week is full, I do not accept further customs. You will be required to pay a deposit and select your wedding date. Please do this ASAP as I will send order forms about design questions and get your final invoice sent to you prior to your date as well.

Typically I recommend 1-2 days after your event. I will stretch it to 3 provided they're in good shape and you've followed my recommendations on care. Just remember, cut flowers are dying flowers. I cannot bring them back to looking fresh if they start to wilt. 

If you are shipping your flowers to me, you will be responsible for all fees related. This means the cost of a new box, a new heavy duty shipping box as well as any packing supplies along with the overnight shipping costs. 

Flower Questions


Previously dried flowers can be very fragile, so dropping them off in person is preferred! If you must ship though, please be sure to following shipping instructions to a tea, otherwise I may end up receiving a box of confetti and dust - that's unfortunately not something I can rectify.

Faux flowers don’t need as much care when shipping, but we don’t want them arriving squished either (as reshaping them isn’t an easy task). 



Due to customs and border regulations, fresh flowers cannot be shipped across the border into Canada. If you'd like for me to work with a local florist to recreate a mini version of your bouquet here in Canada, I'd be happy to work on something with replica flowers for you. There would be an additional cost for the flowers themselves. 


Previously dried botanicals and faux flowers, can be shipped internationally. As mentioned with previously dried flowers though, these are extremely fragile and I don't know that I'd be 100% confident in having you ship these fragile beauties internationally. Faux flowers, absolutely, let's do it!

Yes and no. Remember, cut flowers are dying flowers. Dying flowers are never going to look exactly as they did when they were freshly cut. Preserving flowers the way I do, they will hold their shape and colour, but some flowers can become deeper in colour and the pigment can become more saturated when they dry. This means that the colours of your flowers, may change as they dry. Some yellows can turn more orange, reds turn to a darker burgundy, some whites dry to a beige, cream or off white tone, purples can result in darker tones, etc. If you have a specific question about a specific colour or flower, feel free to ask.


There are some botanicals that don't dry well at all. For example, Hypericum berries always dry black, regardless of the colour of the berry (similarly to raisins, they become shriveled and black). Succulents will not preserve as they shrivel up to nothing. Thick stalked flowers that hold a lot of moisture are not going to be your friend here. If there is lots of moisture, that moisture is removed and it will shrivel and shrink. If you have these type of items in your bouquet and would like to include them in your preservation piece, we can always look into faux replicas to use in their place. Or they are items we can omit all together, this choice is totally yours!

Absolutely! Obviously getting your flowers to me in person or dropping them off in my designated drop off spot is going to be your best bet, but shipping is definitely an option. Shipping your flowers to me is a cost you will be expected to cover on your own and you will be required to send them overnight priority the first business day after your event to ensure they arrive before they start to wilt.


When you've filled out your order forms, if you've selected shipping, I will send you very details shipping instructions on how to ensure your flowers arrive safe and sound here in Kelowna. Please note that by not following these shipping instructions to a tea, your flowers could be damaged in transit or arrived wilted and dying. If you ship your flowers to me without following instructions and they arrive in a sad state, you will be informed and I will let you know if they can be salvaged or not.

Yes! As long as you're taking good care of your piece (you'll receive a card with recommendations on placement in your home with your completed order), you should be able to carry them with you for a lifetime.


Please note that direct sunlight can cause your resin to yellow and the natural colour of your flowers to fade over time, so be sure to keep your piece somewhere safe and away from direct sunlight.

No, this is not a service I'm offering at this time.

I do charge a $50 fee to return any additional flowers back to you. This is to cover the cost of my time to dry your whole bouquet, as well as packing materials to ensure the blooms are wrapped safely. If you are providing me with flowers from say your wedding arch - I'll only choose the best blooms. I don't have the space unfortunately to dry hundreds of flowers. Any unused flowers will be composted (fresh or dried). I do not keep any remaining wedding flowers as I don't think ethically that's the right thing to do.

More Serious Questions

Bouquet preservation pieces can take a lot of time, patience and expertise to create. You're hiring someone that has worked with flowers in resin for years and has worked tirelessly to learn all the tricks of the trade, made all the mistakes and also learned from them. I started out with botanical jewellery and moved into bouquet preservation. You're hiring someone with hours and hours of practice, learning and knowledge. Sure, your cousin/friend/family member/aquaintance may say they can do the same thing for less - but I can almost guarantee you that unless they've done it before, more than once, they will make a mistake that may cost you your flowers.


I know flowers can cost a good chunk of change, especially for an event like a wedding, and that most of us do so expecting to throw them away once they've wilted. With bouquet preservation, you're able to hold onto them and enjoy them in your home for years to come. 

If you have to reschedule your event date due to reasons beyond your control (ie: natural disaster, pandemic, illness, etc), please reach out to me and I'd be happy to discuss your options with you. If I have the ability to change your date I absolutely will do so! It just may mean that you could be waiting a few weeks longer to get your finished piece if I'm already booked up during your newly selected date. The sooner you let me know, the better!

Not at all. If you have flowers from any other event, such as a graduation, baby shower, memorial, etc, I can create a preservation piece for you with them too.