About Jennifer of Flora and Forest


Hello and welcome to my little homely corner of the internet.


I acknowledge that as the owner of Flora and Forest I I live and work on the traditional and unceded territory of the Okanagan syilx people.


Did you know?
- Flora and Forest technically started back in 2013, but under a different name, making a different jewellery (using mostly charms & faux suede)
- I am currently the only employee of Flora and Forest.
- Everything from making the product, photographing, social media, packaging, maintaining this website, writing emails and filling orders is all done by yours truly.

Want to know more? Keep reading!

Flora and Forest is run solely by me, Jenn, out of the home I share with my husband, Steve, our little girl, and two dogs, Meelo and Nilla in Kelowna, British Columbia. Kelowna has been home for my entire life and it’s where we’ve decided to set up roots for the foreseeable future. Steve is the one that helps me put together/build all my displays for markets, he's built numerous parts of my 'studio' space and is the biggest supporter and cheerleader of my venture.

Flora and Forest is my pride and joy and my baby, aside from my actual child and our dogs. It was originally started in April 2013, under the name of Noteworthy Creations. This is when my little hobby started. My first creations were that of metals, wire, beads, suede and leather, usually in the form of bracelets or simple earrings. Around 2015, I started playing with glass cabochons and bases and filling those with pressed flowers. I hadn’t pressed flowers since I was a young child, but it excited me like it did when I was 8 years old. The glass and glue combination I had been using didn’t work great for flowers, often leaving large air pockets or discoloured flowers. That’s when I decided to switch to resin. There was a lot of trial and error, but it was all worth it in the end. I'm overjoyed with where my creations have ended up because of it.

Since my focus moved to natural elements, aside from the resin, it felt like it was the right time to change my little company name and find something that represented my products more accurately. Flora and Forest emerged from lists of names and I finally decided to jump right in to a full re-brand. Thankfully I was able to find someone to bring my logo to life which helped Noteworthy Creations transition into Flora and Forest.

The flowers used in all my work come either from my own garden or are sourced locally either from my favourite flower farm in Lake Country, or elsewhere in the province. I then dye them (with floral dye) and hand press them before encasing them inside resin as a forever keepsake.

I then branched into bouquet and floral preservation home decor pieces. These are made using fresh or previously dried flowers encased in many layers of resin for something you can forever display in your home. These can be flowers from an event like a wedding, baby shower, birthday, a special day like a graduation, or even memorial flowers from a funeral. I can create something that will be a beautiful addition to your home and keep something alive that otherwise would have ended up in the garbage.

Thanks for coming by to read up - and just supporting my small business by being here. I so appreciate you helping my dreams come true!

Forever grateful you're here,