The most commonly asked questions!

General Questions

Q: Are your products available in any stores?
A: You bet! You can see the list of stores under my About section labeled Stockists or simply click here to go directly to the page.

Q: Are your products really made from real flowers?

A: Yes! All flowers are 100% real that I dye and press myself.

Q: Where do you get your flowers? 
A: In previous years, I have ordered the flowers from a local florist. However, I'm now happy to announce all flowers are locally grown at a flower farm, my own backyard or in the woods themselves.

Q: What types of flowers do you use?
A: I typically use Queen Anne's Lace or Chocolate Laceflower. I do also use other things like moss, grass, goldenrod, lavender, daisies or different herb leaves. I'm always expanding and growing my taste in flowers and I let you know what the flower is in each listing.

Q: Are your pieces encased in glass?
A: Nope! It's more durable than glass. It's actually a two part jewelers resin.

Q: How long does it take to make one piece?
A: It's usually takes over the span of a week. Each layer needs to cure properly (24hrs) before another is added. So it is a lot of wait time, but so worth it in the end!

Q: You have a charity line - why?
A: Yes, I am a small company still, but helping the bees is something I think is really important that everyone needs to take more seriously. $5.00 CAD from each charity necklace purchase is donated to Pollinator Partnership Canada to help Bee Conservation in Canada. Pollinator Partnership is aware of my charity line and they love every bit of it!

Jewellery Care

Q: Can I wear my jewellery in the shower/pool/lake/ocean/river?
A: I would say probably not. They're fine if it's raining, but I wouldn't submerge them in any said body of water for a length of time. They may be fine once or twice, but over time you're going to wear it out a lot quicker or water will find a way in to the layers!

Q: How do I clean my piece?
A: You can wash in a soft soap and water, though make sure you dry it thoroughly right away. You can also polish the metals with a polishing cloth (like this one) - just make sure you're not polishing the resin as it may dull the shiny finish. 

Q: Where should I store my piece?
A: I personally store mine in an open tray jewellery box in my bedroom, so I say wherever you store most of your other jewellery! Whether that's a jewellery box, a bag, a bowl, or a board! Just remember that metals tend to tarnish, regardless of quality, if they sit in one spot and are never worn. The one place I don't recommend storing it, is in the bathroom as the moisture over time may cause water damage over time.


Q: How do I get free shipping in Canada?
Just make sure you submit a Canadian address and the free shipping option should appear at checkout!

Q: How do I get free shipping Internationally?
Just make sure your cart has over $75 CAD and your free shipping option should pop up at checkout.

Q: If I live in the Kelowna area, can I just pick it up instead of paying for shipping?
Yes! Just reply to your order email once you receive it and let me know you'd like to pick it up. I will tuck it in my mailbox on my porch for you or arrange to meet you in town somewhere.

Q: When will my package be shipped out?
A: I ship all parcels out within 1-3 business days of receiving payment. The only exception to this is if I'm on holidays. You will see the announcement banner across the top of my website stating I am away and when I plan on returning so you will know when your order is going out.

Q: How long will it take to receive my parcel?
A: Depending on the option you choose for shipping, the times will fluctuate. Keep in mind I'm located in Canada, so if your parcel has to cross borders, shipping times may be delayed due to being held up at Customs.

  • Within Canada:
  • Standard Flat Rate (default - no tracking): 2-10 business days
  • Expedited Parcel (tracking): 1-7 business days
  • Xpresspost (tracking & insurance): 1-3 business days*
  • Priority (tracking & insurance): 1-3 business days*
  • To the United States: 
  • Standard Flat Rate (default - no tracking): 2-10 business days
  • Small Packet USA Air (no tracking): 5-8 business days
  • Tracked Packet USA (tracking): 4-7 business days
  • All other International Destinations:
  • Small Packet International Surface (no tracking): 28 to 84 business days
  • Small Packet International Air (no tracking): 6-10 business days
  • Tracked Packet International Air (tracking & insurance): 6-10 business days

*Should you not receive your Xpresspost or Priority parcel in the guaranteed window, let me know as I will be refunded by Canada Post and will refund your express shipping charges.


Q: My product arrived broken - what do I do?
A: Take a photo of your broken product as soon as it arrives with the envelope (so I can see if it's damaged). I will then have you send back the damaged product and ship you a brand new one!

Q: I don't like my product, can I return it?
A: I do my very best to provide all details and accurate photos of all my products, so I don't typically return product - though there can be rare exceptions, so feel free to contact me to discuss the possibility. For sanitary reason, earrings are not eligible for returns or refunds. I will replace an item if it's broken in transit, but there are no returns otherwise.

Q: My necklace chain has broken, do you fix them?
A: I've tested and tried multiple different supplies, so things like necklace and bracelet chain shouldn't break under normal wear and tear. If they do break, it's due to extreme force. For this reason - I do not fix broken chains. If your necklace chain breaks and you'd like to purchase a new one, please contact me and I'll get a listing up for you for a new chain. Chain replacements typically run around $8-10 depending on length and metal type.

Q: My earring posts have broken,what do I do?
A: If your earring post comes off within the first 30 days of purchase, you can ship it back to me (at your own cost) and I will repair it for you and ship it back free of charge (locals, you can drop off at my house). Earrings are all different and I do my best to put stress on it after the curing process to make sure it's encased in resin enough - but sometimes they can become loose. The only real test is wearing them! Due to sanitary reasons with earrings, I do not wear them all after making them. I simply push on the post to see that it's secured properly. If after the 30 days your earrings break, I can fix them, however there is a $10 flat charge and you will be responsible for shipping charges to send them to me. Contact me if you want to arrange a repair!

Any other questions? Head over to the Contact page to send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!