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Custom Orders - Something Special Just for You

Bridal Pieces

Custom bridal preservation pieces are best done with fresh flowers that I can heat press for you (which takes mere minutes). If you're local to Kelowna, you can even ask your florist for a couple of your favourite flowers and get them to me ahead of time. 

I know it can get really crazy around a wedding and it may not always be ideal to deliver fresh flowers. If you're not able to get flowers fresh to me or you're not local to Kelowna, you can press the flowers yourself as well (between a few heavy books and some parchment or wax paper if you don't own a press) and mail them to me after they've dried in a week or so.

Pressed flowers are very fragile when dried, so if you are mailing them or delivering them to me at a later date, I recommend storing them between two pieces of cardboard. You can tape around all edges of the cardboard to hold them in place and ensure your flowers will be as safe as possible. When mailing, you can even write 'do not bend' in capital letters on your envelope. Sometimes the post office handles them a little better, though this is no guarantee.

Custom bridal sets can vary in price based on the style, type of flower and any other additions (lace, gems, etc) as this can increase production time. Please contact me for a quote.

Click here to view more Bridal Keepsake Jewellery in my album on my Facebook Page.

Bridesmaid Gifts

Bridesmaid sets are made using Queen Anne's Lace (pictured to the left) in the colours of your choice. Colour availability may vary throughout the year or differ each year. These sets are made as a gift for your bridal party and do not get made out of your wedding flowers. I've had numerous brides choose matching sets for their bridesmaids to wear on their special day using colours from their wedding colour palette.

I only book a few slots for Bridesmaid Gifts a month, so make sure you contact me ASAP should you wish to have a slot booked for your wedding date. Your deposit is due the month prior to production starting, or if I am starting production on your pieces right away, then it is due at that time. 

I highly recommend booking these for at least two to three months prior to your wedding date just to ensure you have them in your hands well before the date they are needed. Should you need them in a rush (2-4 weeks prior to your wedding day), I may be able to accommodate, however there is a rush charge on top of the prices below.
There are discounts for larger orders (over 3 sets) - so contact me should you have an idea of what you want and I would be more than happy to give you a quote.

Click here to view more Bridesmaid Gift Sets in an album on my Facebook Page.

Other Custom Work

This is for everything else you can think of when it comes to custom jewellery. Do you want a matching mother-daughter set? Or maybe a piece made from some old dried flowers you've found at a loved ones house? Is there a particular flower that means a lot to a loved one or maybe you snuck some flowers from your grandmothers garden and would like to have a piece made for her as a birthday gift. These are all options - really the choices are endless!
Pricing for these pieces will all depend on materials needed, time allotted and difficulty of what you're trying to achieve for your perfect piece. Just send me a message here and I'd be happy to discuss pricing options or ideas with you further!

Click here to view more custom work in an album on my Facebook Page.

Deposits and Large Order Discounts

A deposit of $75.00 is required for orders over $100.00 and orders over $300.00 require a deposit of half of your quoted price before work is started. Deposits are non-refundable as soon as work has started as this covers only a portion of the labour costs. This is applicable for all custom orders.

A contract will be sent prior to work starting for you to sign outlining the latest date your item will be ready by, the amount of your deposit and include your contact information as well as mine. Custom orders that do not require a deposit will be listed and sold online if do not hear back after 10 days of contacting you once the order is complete. If you've paid for a custom order and I do not hear back from you within 30 days (after 3 attempts to contact you), your items will be listed for purchase. If you are planning on going on holidays with limited access to cell or wifi, please notify me beforehand.

Discounts for kick in once a minimum order of 3 pieces/sets is made and vary based on how many are ordered. Contact me to plan your custom orders and get a quote for large orders.
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