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Holiday Shipping

Hello lovely people! 

Just wanted to clarify a note about shipping.

Due to the high volume of parcels this year, Canada Post is stating that they are not guaranteeing delivery standards at this time. This means if you choose the free, UNTRACKED shipping option at checkout, you may not receive your item by Christmas and there is no way for me to track your item either as it is sent by Lettermail. This means it is the same as a bill, a card, a letter, being sent in the mail. I cannot track it. I don’t get a tracking number for it that I’m not sharing with you. The post office cannot track it either. It is the cheapest way to mail something (the cost of a stamp and envelope), but you are taking the risk that your item may be delayed in showing up in time.

I highly recommend upgrading your shipping to TRACKED if you want to know where your parcel is in this shipping chain. Once I drop it off with Canada Post I have zero control over where it is and how fast it moves through the postage system. I also DO NOT control the rates for Canada Post tracked mail. The quote you see if you select tracked package is exactly what I pay for postage with Canada Post. Keep in mind this fee is for postage ONLY. This doesn’t include the envelope or any shipping supplies. It is strictly the price for the postage. I have heard a few people state that they had no idea what the cost is for tracked and (basic) insured packages, so I just wanted to share this with you. 

Local pickup is also available should you live in the Okanagan and wish to pick up your order in Kelowna in the Glenmore area.

Your support this year and every year is so appreciated. I know this year has been a strange one for a lot of us, so knowing there is so much love for what I do is what keeps me going.

Happy holidays, from my family to yours. 💗

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