How I got out of the wedding madness that mesmerized me.

Yes, I am going to talk about wedding planning (once in a while). I don't have a lot going on lately in regards to wedding planning, so don't worry, it won't be often! 

The night and days after getting engaged, I was super excited, over the moon and already diving head first into the world of Pinterest for ideas. In my mind, I already had the idea of what I wanted. A simple, elegant, inexpensive wedding that involved a lot of DIY (because, well, I'm handy and I like crafts). Let's just say that very quickly, that water got really murky because of the excitement.

Steve and I booked our wedding venue pretty soon after we got engaged. We chose Sunset Ranch Golf Course, the course I grew up on when I was a kid. They offered us a smokin' deal (after years of knowing my parents, they jumped at the opportunity) and they were willing to alter the menu to give us a casual BBQ dinner (which is so us).

Since we got all the big stuff booked (Venue, DJ, Commissioner and Photographer), we've kinda just been on cruise control the last couple months. My bridesmaids (3 of them) want to look at dresses, but other than that, we're just cruising a bit for now.

Since popping back on to Pinterest and looking at the boards I created so soon after our engagement, I looked back on all the stuff I had pinned and I was shocked. Some of the things I had pinned? Definitely didn't fit my original vision.

  • huge elaborate centerpieces
  • flowers - everywhere
  • tulle - again, everywhere
  • chair covers and/or sashes, table linens, etc all matching our 'theme'
  • fancy place cards
  • wooden reserved signs for the front row at the ceremony
  • huge wooden sides telling people not to pick a side
  • chalkboards - telling people to help themselves to everything.. cake, food, menus, etc
  • huge wedding cakes
  • frames hanging from trees/multiple photo backdrops

How did I get sucked in? I've known what I've wanted when it comes to a wedding for years - yet somehow I was pulled into the wedding madness that I swore I would avoid! My tips for getting out of that crazy vortex?

  1. Listen to advice or recommendations, but don't let people push you into something you don't want. A part of me at the beginning, felt it necessary to take advice from 100 people at once. "Did you see so any so's wedding photos, they had beautiful flowers/cake/backdrops/centerpieces/whatever."
  2. Go back and review your idea board. Whether that's Pinterest, a scrapbook, whatever you're using! The first few weeks are insane when you get engaged, you're excited, it happens to the best of us to get sucked in. Delete what doesn't fit your vision after you've gone pin crazy (like I did). 
  3. Research costs and make sure you keep your budget in mind. As much as I love flowers, it's not realistic for me to have flowers in every aspect of our wedding. I would be broke. Find alternate options! I'm still buying bouquets and boutineers, but flowers for the table we're growing from seedlings early in the spring. I don't want us to start out our marriage in debt because of silly things we don't need
  4. Choose what is most important to you if you are really into decor if you're trying to stick to a budget. For me, it was real flowers for my bouquet. I want to press them and then frame them. Home decor too - BAM. Am I really going to look back at photos of tulle hanging everywhere and think that was worth the extra cash to rent? Nope, probably not. So I'm okay with passing on that and I'm not heartbroken about it.

So in my deleting spree, I went back to my original ideal for our wedding. A simple, elegant, inexpensive wedding that involved a lot of DIY. I have a year still to 'make' stuff for my wedding, so why not do it? My bridesmaids are amazing and are totally digging the idea of wine and craft nights, one of my mother-in-laws (Steve's stepmom) has already offered to grow flowers if I want some for centerpieces and in the end, this day is about Steve and I. Nothing else matters to me! If I could get married in the woods (any our families were all able to get out there), I'd totally be in that boat. I'm just happy to be marrying my best friend.

Also - if you don't have a small budget and you really want to go all out with decor, go for it! All the power to you to coordinate it all. It's just not everyone, especially me.

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