Shop Flora and Forest at the Laurel Packinghouse!

This isn't super new in regards to news, as I spilled the beans a few weeks back - but you can now find my bee conservation line of jewellery at the Laurel Packinghouse in Kelowna. They have a live bee house on the grounds, so they thought this line would be a great fit for their gift shop.

I used to walk by the Laurel Packinghouse every morning when I first started my office job at the tech startup I work for (currently), before we moved offices. For some reason, it never even crossed my mind that my work could be sold there. It wasn't until my friend and local business owner Brittaney, (of Glitz and Glam Party Supply) told me I should reach out to a contact she had there in regards to bringing some of my work into the gift shop. 

So thank you, Brittaney, for giving me that little push to reach out to this lovely venue. It's still quite surreal to me that now two stores in town sell my work. It really makes my heart happy.

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