Finding ways to get past a creative slump.

I've been working through an e-course that Sara Tasker created called Bloom and Grow over the last couple of weeks, as I've been feeling really down and out about my business and creative side lately. Yes, even creatives have moments of feeling uninspired and 'blah'.

flower flatlay arrangement

Since starting the course, it's connected me back to my SLR and I've been taking lots of photos of flowers again, like I once was a few years back. It took a while to brush the rust off, but I feel like I'm finally back in my groove with it. Sometimes you need to take a bit of a break when it comes to creative outlets - while I'm still creating custom pieces, I've taken a bit of a step back from creating new jewellery pieces, even though I have a lot of new and exciting blanks in stock. I'm mainly waiting for my flowers to grow so I can create some new colours of dyed batches. So for now, you're stuck with photos of flowers while I try and find my way back to my craft.

pretty pink peonies

wild growing orange iceland poppies

Over the last few weeks as well, I've been working through a floral arranging class that was offered by a local rec centre. It was 4 weeks and we would get to create and learn how to arrange a certain flower arrangement that we could take home with us. I've love every moment of that as well - even on the nights that I would rather go home and binge watch Netflix from the couch, I always come home super happy that I went. I've taken photos of the three different arrangements we've created this week - all of which were completely new to me and super outside the box of what I would have created if just given flowers on my own.

triangle flower arrangement crescent moon flower arrangement

The above images are from weeks 1 and 3 of my course. The first week we created a triangle flower arrangement, followed by a flower ball (below) and then this week (week 3) we created a crescent moon arrangement. None of these I would have attempted on my own. If I had just been given the flowers we were handed, I would have plunked them into a vase - plain, simple, and boring. Haha. I'm glad we were given such creative options to try!

So - what is my advice if you're in a creative slump? Reach out and try something different! I picked up my camera again, plus I signed up for a cheap little course put on by a local rec centre and it's been just what I've needed. I'm not jumping right back into creating my jewellery right yet - but it's getting me passionate about working with natural elements again, which is what I really needed. That connection back to nature. So I urge you all to try something new, even if it isn't what you'd expect to enjoy.
hanging flower ornament

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