Adventure Time || Dee Lake, British Columbia

Some of you know that I live in British Columbia, so it's not shocking that for a holiday long weekend (May Long - Victoria Day Weekend), we just zipped up to a nearby lake. It takes less than an hour to get up into the woods, out of cell service and into full on disconnect from world. 

It was the first time I had been at Dee Lake and even though things didn't go as planned (our original 3 bedroom, 1 and a half bathroom cabin flooded) we still had an amazing time and I really felt like I got some rest and relaxation.

Four days before we were supposed to head up there (us and two other couple friends of ours), we were notified that our cabin had flooded. Thankfully they had one cabin available still, and while it was a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, we were willing to make it work to get out of town for the weekend. It was a bit cramped with 6 adults and 2 dogs, but honestly, we spent most of the time outdoors, so we didn't need to sit around inside feeling cramped.


The kitchen was perfect, considering we did only a couple meals inside. It had everything we needed and the fridge was a bonus. We are all so used to tenting when we go camping, that having a fridge and not living out of coolers for the whole weekend (with the exception of drinks) was awesome!

loft bedroom dee lake cabin
view from loft bedroom at dee lake
family photo

Somehow Steve and I lucked out and nabbed the upstairs bedroom in the loft area. It was perfect for us and the dog, especially since I'm a bit on the lame side and like to go to bed "early". At home, early looks a lot like 8:30-9pm whereas early at the cabin was more like 10:30-11pm. Steve somehow managed to snap a photo of Meelo and I still asleep one morning. I don't know how he manages to look so awake first thing in the morning. And yes, Meelo is a bit of a pillow hog.

dee lake cabin view
dee lake cabin
dee lake from our cabin

Dee Lake isn't quite big enough that I would swim in it (I have a fear of leeches), but the scenery was beautiful and the cabin was super cute. I spent a couple hours reading a book while we were up there, which I haven't had time for in far too long.

steve and i
steve and kyle

The weather was beautiful, but the nights were still cool enough that a fire inside the cabin was needed. Kyle and Steve made sure we would all stay nice and toasty warm. Meelo enjoyed basking in the sun along the lake and we made sure to get at least one photo of the two of us as well.

kayaking on dee lake
kerstin and melissa
boys on the pedal boat meelo in the kayak

We made sure to spend one afternoon out on the water. We rented kayaks (and Meelo did great sitting on my lap) and the boys took the pedal boat out, though they didn't get very far. I ended up going out in it later in the day and it was definitely more difficult to get around in the pedal boat in comparison to the kayaks.

lake view from the dock

We had a lovely time and I would definitely head back up there again, though we likely won't end up there for a while! There are just so many little lakes around the area we live, that it would be rare for us to end up in the same place twice.

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