• Shop for Flora and Forest at Karmyc Bazaar!

    I'm super excited to share this little tidbit with you guys. Flora and Forest is now available at a brick and mortar store in downtown Kelowna! Karmyc Bazaar is now carrying a select number of my items in their shop and I'm already excited to be working with Jennelle and her husband Tait who own ... View Post
  • Finding ways to get past a creative slump.

    I've been working through an e-course that Sara Tasker created called Bloom and Grow over the last couple of weeks, as I've been feeling really down and out about my business and creative side lately. Yes, even creatives have moments of feeling uninspired and 'blah'. Since starting the course,... View Post
  • Adventure Time || Dee Lake, British Columbia

    Some of you know that I live in British Columbia, so it's not shocking that for a holiday long weekend (May Long - Victoria Day Weekend), we just zipped up to a nearby lake. It takes less than an hour to get up into the woods, out of cell service and into full on disconnect from world.  It was t... View Post

Oh, hello you!

You've stumbled upon the lifetyle blog of me, Jennifer. You can expect to find updates about my life (renovations, exploration, my dog, wedding planning) and yes, even behind the scenes of my business. You can learn more about me and the biz on the about page if you're curious for more.